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  • Testing


    YDI maintains a database to support test and quality assurance requirements for allsprograms performed. YDI has takeneveral components through thorough test requirements and has established a very good relationship with laboratories in the process.


    The YDI material staff has the responsibility of generating a Q\A flow diagram for all test programs performed. We utilize current product data along with DOD and commercial performance requirements to insure that all tests for a particular component are conducted in accordance with the part specifications.

  • Tech Support

    YDI maintains several databases of technical data to support product  development and production. This includesDrawings, Material Specifications, and Application requirements for surface and finish treatment. YDI also produces Flow Diagrams, Production Manuals and Installation Instructions to support multiphase customer assembly task completion.


    The YDI Tech Group provides CAD-CAM and engineering support services for component and system production. The YDI Tech Group is knowledgeable in both design and production engineering concerns. The group utilizes various software applications to generate multi-media data in support of your production requirements.

  • Quality

    A regularly updated quality systems manual is made available to all customers who  wish to examine the YDI quality system.This manual was developed in accordance with DOD mil standards, and commercial performance requirements. YDI can test for dimensional and performance compliance for both parts and complex systems.


    All tools utilized to support production tool accuracy, and component dimensional tolerances are maintained by YDI QA, QCI function, as part of its Materials Management Department. Tools are regularly calibrated by a trained tech, to insure accuracy of all tools, and correct dimensional tolerance of all components. To view

    our quality manual click here.

  • Kit Development

    YDI assembles spare parts kits to support warranty and system update requirements, in process production, and end user enhancement. The YDI packaging group can support commercial after market applications, as well as plan production requirements.


    The assembly group has positioned itself to fully support all automotive logistical requirements. YDI assembles small components into sub-assemblies utilizing customer specified and approved hardware. YDI also Sub-Contracts Tooling, Machining, Fabrication and Finishing Requirements to approved vendors.


    All kits are assembled, packaged and labeled by YDI, and supported by the required installation, discarded instructions, and material list. YDI has established itself as one of the fastest growing vehicle system modification kit assemblers in the nation.


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