Company History

YDI was formed in May of 1987, by its founder and current president Richard Young and several other past and present shareholders. Its primary business activity was distribution, installation, and service of diagnostic, research and industrial test equipment. The companies daily activities were as indicated in the original business plan, however, the company found greater opportunities in healthcare than it did in the automotive industry. Consolidation and Acquisition changes in the healthcare marketplace made it impossible for YDI to maintain a steady growth pattern. YDI identified these changes in 1993, and decided at that time to concentrate solely on its Production Support Operation.


The company’s short term objective is to become established in the distribution sector, while trying to establish a strong corporate organizational structure. The long term business strategy was aimed at moving the company from the distribution sector, into packaging and manufacturing. YDI's long term goal was to become a regular Manufacturer of performance and safety related automotive products for the OEM, service/repair, and retail sector. This was to be achieved through the implementation of the YDI Production Support operation, kit assembly and packaging, and ultimately component production. 


 Limited resources and an inability to reach the greater automotive customer base made it difficult for YDI to make necessary adjustments required to move closer to the company objective. We assessed the impact that these issues had on the company, and continued to make the necessary strategic adjustments to remain a viable competitor and employer in the Detroit market. In 1994, YDI's business status was changed to that of corporation, so that its structure did not interfere with its goal to increase its sales within the global marketplace.


In 1996, YDI was accepted into the SBA 8(a) contracting program. We were simultaneously identified as an SDB, as well. These two very critical certifications made it possible for YDI to seek non-competitive business with the Department of Defense, in the area of packaging, kit assembly, and material support. Through our expertise and knowledge of Defense Mil Standards, our long term involvement in packaging and shipping multiple shipments to various locations, and our knowledge of computer technology, we found a very good trading partner in the DOD.


 The relationship with DOD allowed us to further improve our technical capability, and provide technical support services to our commercial customer base. This activity, while producing significantly lower sales figures, enabled YDI to accelerate its move away from industries which would not provide for growth opportunities. Since 1997, YDI has successfully completed several major programs including some on the very sophisticated and very important M1 Abrahams Tank Powertrain and Override systems. In 1998, YDI became fully funded for future programs, and was able to complete programs for the first time in its history without a requirement for financial support from a commercial lending institution.


For year 2000 YDI implemented an aggressive strategy for growth, startup of a tech center to support product research and development, and finally, implementation of the last component of the YDI business plan, "Manufacturing". YDI moved to its current location at the end of 2004. This new technical facility allows all of the company departments and functions to be fully supported. The facility represents the culmination of many years of planning along with the goal to focus company resources on creating a fully serviced and supported staff environment.










































YDI management personnel have been involved with the HMMWV since the first prototype

YDI management personnel conducting data reviews with support staff during startup.

YDI's first vehicle support and kit assembly operation was located in Redford, Michigan



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