Staff Culture

The YDI employment directive is simple; “Hire the best, most motivated people you can find”. We also pride ourselves on attracting the most creative and energetic problem solvers as well. YDI maintains an open policy of seeking those interested in putting their education and previous work experience to use in helping YDI meet the needs of its customers. We need and our customers demand that we utilize the best talent available, to get the best results. At YDI our staff is a family; we work together and strive to make our company a better place to work.

Staff Diversity

YDI is an equal opportunity employer, wit a long tradition of allowing people of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, genders and religions help to make us the best place to work, period. Our comprehensive benefits plan also ensures that each of us looks at our employment as more than just a job. We offer personal sick days, accumulated paid vacation time, paid holidays, health care, and a company sponsored retirement plan. The founders of YDI were very cautious in creating the company name. And as a result, we are committed to true diversity, in ever sense of the word. We seek out individuals from all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, genders and education disciplines.

Staff Qualifications

Basic qualifications for most positions require that you have at minimum a high school diploma. Some college is desirable for most positions; however a degree is required for professional positions. YDI also seeks out individuals that have at least 2 years prior experience in the position or field for which they seek employment. YDI continues to seek out qualified candidates to help us meet the needs of our customers. For a list of current positions click on the link below.

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